Bob Odenkirk, RJ Mitte & Aaron Paul

http://youtu.be/XjqYlvUgJQ8Warning, this video will probably make you fall in love more with Betsy Brandt than show R Mitte. Still, it would be remiss of you to not watch it.


Bob Odenkirk, RJ Mitte & Aaron Paul


Warning, this video will probably make you fall in love more with Betsy Brandt than show R Mitte. Still, it would be remiss of you to not watch it.

My nails aren’t growing fast enough. Is there like, nail fertilizer? Maybe if I water them.

This weekend, I watched anime from the new season with friends, ate pizza, played video games and guitar, and didn’t do a bit of work.

Today will be more guitar, video games, and reading articles on the Oxford comma.

Being unemployed is great sometimes.

It’s just so perfect. The guy in the middle is groovy as hell.

Today I’m probably gonna try and figure out tabs by watching the guy on the left. I might be able to do the guy on the right too, but it’s hard to see so I’m unsure. I’m still so new to all this but the only way to learn is to try, right?

He seems to be using a capo on the 3rd fret. I don’t know if there’s a way to tell if it’s standard tuning or not. Just gotta try it out and see I suppose.

Watched a video on better fretting technique and now it feels like I have to learn it all over again. Add that on top of attempting to learn finger style and it basically is starting over again.

But I like it. It is the strangest thing to me that a process such as this is enjoyable to me. Burying myself in the missed notes and the buzzes of the strings. Finding the misaligned gears and ropes and pulleys and righting them until I can produce a thing that previously I could only hear.

It it still a frightening thing, as this is really the first bit thing I’ve tried to learn since starting Adderall and I fear that looming around the corner is the time when I’ll forget and go off to do something else and leave my imaginings of being able to play guitar well behind like tattered and torn photos buried under debris.

But even so, I’ve come farther than any other thing I’ve tried to learn. And I’m determined to keep doing it. I have attached myself to this thing of wood and strings and said until I die, this thing is me now. As much as my hand or my eye, this thing is me. I will not be feel or even be me without it.

And as I play it more and more I feel the growing and healing flesh attaching, tiny cells stacking upwards into curved pillars that stretch and groan and combine and grow and strengthen until soon I couldn’t remove it if I wanted to.

I really like playing guitar.

My current goal is to be able to play Corridors of Time from Chrono Trigger well. I’ll link the video of how I want to play it here in a sec.

Language is a variable and amorphous thing. A shifting blob that changes over time. Since the invention of the dictionary the view of language has changed to one that is solid, string, stringent and of a nature that one can be a person who looks up what you just said in a book, waggles a finger and tells you that you are incorrect and can feel absolutely confident in such actions that he doesn’t feel any regret at having made absolutely no contribution to the conversation other than simple pedantry. He smirks and feels value, even though he hasn’t moved forward the universe at all.

But language is not such a thing. Words are combinations of shapes and mouth and tongue movements that are tied by fretted yarn to abstract thoughts and ideas built up through centuries. Hashed out through arguments and debate, sweet nothings and little everythings, poems and poets who sit with garbled hair in dark rooms with little light for hours over scribbles on paper until something can be created from these picked up scrabble pieces we’ve inherited that can make one who views them feel emotion and bring up memories.

Language is a thing that changes with time and use. If the pen is a sword then it is one that is sharpened and dulled and chipped and scarred and stained with every swing in such a way that it is different within each hand. New words are crafted by wordsmiths within high towers on golden anvils or in mud huts with straw roofs by working wives and children clothes in mud and smiles.

Language is not a thing you can pull out a dusty book and, carefully lifting up each fragile and yellowed page, find a piece of and point to and then to the person across from you and exclaim that it has been used incorrectly because it was used this way in the past. It is something much grander and wider and deeper than that. Those who would treat words as holy things to be used as weapons to dismiss and diminish those who would use them “incorrectly” are people who do not truly understand the beauty of language.

It is hard to believe that such a person can look at poetry like that of E.E. Cummings, whose poems are like paintings bespeckled by pointillistic punctuation and parenthetical Pollockstry, and see anything more than a ransom note made from a broken typewriter and the blatant misuse of commas that would make Webster roll over in his grave by god.

A love of language is in the love how languages is used in every respect, not as an edifice  of etched stone to be referred to when an argument cannot be resolved, but as a craft and a skill that each and every person has and uses to turn electrical signals into thoughts and ideas and emotions and something that is more than the sum of it’s parts.

I’m sorry if this has been rantish. I just lost a game of Letterpress because “Dinosauring” isn’t a word and I want to live in a world where it is.

Today I’ve chosen to sit on the porch, watch the rain, and learn to play Song of Healing from Majora’s Mask on guitar. I’m unemployed, poor, and horribly in debt. However, I don’t think I’ve ever felt more at ease about life in general.

Medication is awesome.

I'm sorry to disappoint you!

I probably would’ve guess wrong anyway. I had to google forensic entomology and now I’ve got another wikipedia article in my queue to help me procrastinate further on things I need to do. SO THANKS FOR THAT.

Well I finished my first live streamed game! I started out with like, 8 people from my friends list and twitch said on the first stream I had 20 unique visitors. My view count went up to like 150 something and it seems to have not updated the stats in the last two streams, but my channel has 198 views! Exciting, ain’t it?

I need to re-think a better time to stream since these last two some people couldn’t join because it was too early. Definitely need input on that.

Also need to look into other games to stream now. Thinking about the Penumbra series. Classic horror and not really the game of the week right now, but I love the games and maybe people would like to watch me play them? I’unno.

A friend has offered to clip highlights of the streams and put them on youtube. So hopefully that’ll come soon and I can post those.



Like a writhing tentacled beast grabbing my feet from under the water, so does cookie clicker pull me down into it’s dark and doughy depths. I’m even going for the achievements where you don’t click any cookies. 

What kind of monster have I become?